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There Is A Man In The Woods


The rhyme scheme of that poem was fucking amazing.

Also, as a teacher, I totally feel the main character here. So often can a parent not accept their child is a chronic liar/manipulator, and it creates huge problems when parents are in denial about it.

Also the part about parents getting riled up about rumors their child brings home from school, and then I have to waste my time trying to explain to them that what they heard is not what happened. Some parents are reasonable enough to ask, but you’d be surprised (or maybe you wouldn’t be) by how many parents barge in angrily, in person or by email, demanding to know the meaning of this and what I’m going to do about it, and then when I try to explain to them that it’s just not true, even though they realize they fucked up, they are embarrassed and want to save face, so they try to hem and haw and grump around, displeased with me, because admitting that they were wrong would make them look like a fool, but the joke’s on them, because they’re just digging themselves into an even deeper hole of stupidity and disrespectability.

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