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Matrix – I ideuar ndryshe. Dhe ashtu sic duhej madje…


In the end of the first one, Neo “jumps” into Agent Smith blowing him up from within. A completely unnecessary move. This in turn creates a virus. And this created much of the plot for the next two movies. Not that there is much plot in between the action sequences. That’s just lazy writing.

Here’s how it should have gone down:

2nd movie:

They’re on their ship, the atmosphere is joyous, yet there’s a feeling of “what now?”. Neo goes to see the Oracle. She tells him that there’s nothing he can really do. Neo asks what his role is. She says he is “The One”. “The one? What’s the point of being the one if I can’t help?”. “The one brings hope, Neo”. “Bullshit”. And he leaves. Turn’s around at the door. “What if I shut it off?”. Silence. “You could do that”. “How? Tell me how!”. “But why Neo? What will you do with millions of humans waking up? Are you going to save a few? And let the rest of humanity die?”

Neo, Trinity and Morpheus are contemplating their options. Neo still wants to wake everyone up. Morpheus doesn’t think they’re ready, and doesn’t see a way. Agrees with the Oracle. Trinity is afraid of what the machines can do in the real world if they start mass waking people. They decide to head to Zion, as they can not take matters into their own hands.

In the city, they talk to the senators and tell them about Neo’s powers. The senators want to keep him as a strategic advantage. Neo insists that everyone in the Matrix should at least know. Others don’t see the point, as no one will believe him. They’re afraid of what the machines will do. Morpheus is doubtful and warns him. Neo says, “What’s the point? What’s the point of all this if they never even find out? They have the right to know. This ends now.”

They decide to do it. The Senate knows of the coming attack, and is desperate. They hope this might create a distraction. They have not told anyone. The audience doesn’t know either. One hint is dropped: Senator 1: “This is madness! What good will it do?”. Senator 2: “Neo, do you believe they are ready?”, Neo: “Yes”. Senator 2: Then I vote yes. We have nothing to loose. The other senators understand what this means and agree.

Their plan, to infiltrate a news organization and broadcast the truth.

The rest of this movie plays out in the matrix. Part action as they fight Agents and stronger updated Agents. They manage to broadcast the truth. People react with disbelief. Neo wants to go out of the news room, presumably desperate to convince people. An agents waits outside with a white flag.

The agent asks Neo to come with him, and talk, there is something he must know before he continues. Neo goes to the architect (inside the core of the matrix – access is through a set of keys). The architect tells him the story of the matrix. He explains that there are deleted programs, refusing to let go, willing to do anything to survive, and that the Oracle is one of them. He then opens the bowl-like lid of a fine dining silver plate and reveals her head. “Yet, Neo, even the deleted will be found. And even that which doesn’t exist can die”. He covers the head again. “What have you accomplished? … nothing”. He tells him that the Matrix is regularly restarted, once every few generations, and asks him if Morpheus told him that. Then asks him; “Do you know what the matrix is?”, and answers, “What did Morpheus tell you? That you are batteries? Ludicrous. We have towers extending above the clouds. The Matrix is not what you think it is”. “Then what is it?”. “Neo, whatever it was. It is no more”. He is told that humanity has been unplugged. The risk is too great. They are all dead. He says he knows about Zion, but that he will let whoever is left in the real world live as they pose no threat.

Neo returns to the ship, and hears that Zion is about to be attacked in less than 7 hours. He plugs in to find the Matrix empty of people.

3rd movie:

They’re on their way to Zion. Word has travelled and Neo is received as a deity by the people of Zion. Neo hates this and refuses to leave the ship. Trinity stays with him. News of the mass deaths has been received but only the senate and generals know.

While gone, Morpheus is talking with the senators about the impending attack on Zion and the end of the matrix. They have sent all of their ships out to scout and to try and save as many humans as possible and are expecting them back soon. The ships had been ordered to avoid confrontation, and therefore have only managed to save a very few. They were stationed in the perimeter, too late to do anything except watch as humans were being slaughtered by the machines.

In the ship, inside of Zion, Neo is struggling with doubt and self loathing, he no longer believes in his abilities, and in fact without the Matrix, he has none. “I have killed them. I killed them all. Trinity.. I… I thought I was a Saviour… [silence] … This is all because of me”.

Morpheus and the senate are contemplating their options. They have close to no power in the real world. The attack is 3 hours away. The ships are still not back. They decide to not tell anyone. Morpheus says, “Let’s throw a party”. A Senator: “That’s outrageous! They must know what’s about to happen. We owe them the truth!”. “The truth, Senator? These men and women have a few hours left. Let them enjoy it. They will learn about the machines soon enough”. They start an impromptu celebration of their “inevitable victory” with music, drinks and dancing. Less than 2 hours till the attack and the first ships are coming in. The population is at a much lower deck dancing. The idea is to put up a last desperate and hopeless defence by the ships at the uppermost deck.

Neo tells Trinity what happened with the architect. He tells her that not everything is as it seams. She asks him why the Matrix is still there.

Neo: “What do you mean?”
Trinity: “If they are all dead. Why is the Matrix still turned on?”
[silence] Neo: “There must be a way to hack into the source and disable it”
Trinity: “Why Neo?”
Neo: “The keys”
Trinity: “Neo what are you talking about?”
Neo: “I need the keys”
Trinity: “They are all dead Neo!! Neo Look at me, please” Neo: “Trinity, listen to me, I have to go back in”
Trinity: “Why!!”
Neo: “I know what it is”
Trinity: “What?”
Neo: I know what the matrix is. It’s them. They’re one. The real them. It’s the neural network”
Trinity: “Neo?”
Neo: “I have to go Trinity. I must find the keys”
Trinity: “I’m coming with you!”
Neo: “N-”
Trinity: “Try and stop me!”

Neo and Trinity jack in. His plan is to find the “deleted” programs who are living in hiding in the Matrix. A noir plot ensues, with their first clue being the Oracles apartment. There they find a box of matches by the oven with a strange code (Neo can see codes) with an address written on it. There, in the basement of a nightclub, they find a thriving community of programs. Apparently, only one of many illegal gathering spots. At the same time, Morpheus comes back and sees them jacked in. He goes after them, knowing where they are from information on the ships matrix monitors. The plot thickens as they are fooled by a program to do his bidding, almost killed several times, and eventually wise up and set the program up and get from him the location of a woman who while active had access to the source. They fight a small army, meet up with Morpheus, find the woman, she helps them out (“Why are you helping us?”. “Because they took something from me”) until finally they come upon the trail of the key maker. Once the key maker is found, they take the keys they need with them and find their way into the core.

Zion is attacked. The war starts.

Inside of the core, a labyrinth made out of beautiful rooms with several doors in them, they need to find the one door which leads to the source code. Neo plans on rewriting it to loop to make it crash. The Matrix throws what it has at them. Lots of fighting in the rooms.

Neo leaves the others to go find the room. Trinity and Morpheus are both wounded and exhausted but still fighting. In Zion, almost all ships are down, people are dying by the dozen. Neo finds the room. Light. Bright light. Matrix halts, only Neo can move. The machines fall to the ground of Zion. Trinity wakes up on the ship, spitting blood. Morpheus is dead. She looks on out the window – people are cheering. She looks at the screen, and there he is, in all green numbers and letters, looking back at her. He knows there’s no way out for him. She knows what she has to do. With tears running down her face, she holds him in her arms, and unplugs him.

The End



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