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Evolucioni i njeriut


E papare e? Presim idete tuaja per evolucionin e Shqipetarit nder shekuj… Fituesi do te shpallet vizitori i nderit kete jave ne faqen tone 🙂

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  1. alex permalink
    02/15/2010 00:06

    wtf ?????!?!?!?!?!? i`m romanian !!!! wtf is that bear doing in a chain in front of me ?? :)) 😉 if somebody understand that , please let me know …. peace !

  2. Whothefuck Whoppingcunt permalink
    02/15/2010 01:56

    Wooo, stereotypes!

  3. Niku permalink
    02/15/2010 07:54

    Without insulting, Romania is known to the world for many things and one of those are gypsies. And as we all know, gypsies have dancing bears in their tends 😀

    Anyhow, this is not done by us so, don’t get mad at us 🙂

  4. jdirt2005 permalink
    02/15/2010 21:31

    so….try as they might to clone future generations, the israelis will never catch up to the chinese.

  5. bocefus permalink
    02/16/2010 04:24

    Fucking Polish propaganda!

  6. Julian permalink
    02/16/2010 04:44

    I’m an America but seeing this chart makes me want to be a Canadian. 🙂

  7. Daci permalink
    02/21/2010 15:13

    FUCKING POLISH CUNT’S!!!!…………..From Romania with love…..

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